Professional Video & Editing project development
  • "it always seems impossible until it's done."
    nelson mandela

    Seal Media is a boutique digital media located in Orange County, Ca company specializing in video content from documentaries, lifestyle media to broadcast commercial projects.

    Your project will be in good hands as Seal Media will help develop the concept, shoot and edit with state of the video/editing equipment and deliver a professional project for todays' market.

    our Services

    High Definition video
    Seal Media shoots on the latest high definition video cameras-cranes/jibs, steady cam and sliders.

    Video Editing
    Every project edited with precision and adequate running times to captivate viewers.

    photography, graphics and animation
    We can integrate logos, motion graphics and animation into any project.

    From conception to the finished project, Seal Media services every phase of prodcution making it streamline and efficient.


    project updates

    post-production "A Force in Nature" Documentary, Iceland/Texas
    completed "Strings" Official Selection
    2013 Dances with Films
    development "untitled" project short narrative
  • The Team

    Producer, director, editor

    Anderson Seal

    Long Beach State film graduate, 15 years experience.
    Production Manager, writer

    Stacy Caputo

    Chapman University graduate, freelance writer
    Supervising Assett Manager

    AJ Espinoza

    California University-Los Angeles graduate, consultant

    Telling Stories with Pictures

    Film and video production is a delicate process of marrying image and sound together to tell a compelling story. This requires a great technical knowledge of the craft, attention to detail and a passion to creativily engage the audience. Although staying updated on the latest camera and editing technology is very important, Seal Media is dedicated to illustrate our client's stories; Where they are... and where they are going.

    Seal Media is dedicated to branding our client's image with professional images and sound which is essential for telling a captivating story.

    search engine rankings (SEO)
    With video content, your site can improve in search engine rankings.

    content over form
    Tell your story. Filmmaking is storytelling.

    Write a Blueprint
    A screenplay is a blueprint to the production. Writing each scene, the action and dialoge, creates a vision of the entire production on page.

  • "it always seems impossible until it's done."
    nelson mandela

    Seal Media has been a leading production studio serving LA, Orange County and San Diego counties since 2007. Projects range from company branding, documentary, motion graphics, photography to broadcast commercial media. Seal Media's resources and experience makes the production process feel like a walk in the park.

    Your project will be in good hands. We will develop everything from the concept, script production and editing.

    our Services

    Film and video Production
    HD, Film any other medium to best present the story.

    Post Production
    Using advanced editing software, we carefully craft a project, sychncing audio, music tracks, export for DVD, internet, broadcast distribution.

    Motion Graphics, animation and photography
    We also create logo reveals, animations and typography effects with advanced graphic software.

    script to screen
    We are filmmakers with years of experience. Seal Media takes care of all phases of production to be streamline and efficient.


    project updates

    post-production "A Force in Nature" Documentary, Iceland/Texas
    completed "Strings" Official Selection
    2013/14 Film Festival Circuit
    development "untitled" project" short narrative
  • picture, sound, post-production

    Social Media Marketing

    SCMT Creative

    Exposure and Reputation

    visual effects

    motion redux

    Full range creative visual effects studio.
  •  contact info

              Costa Mesa, CA.
    Telephone: +1-949-355-3764
    Fax: +1 866 995 6645

                               Project Inquiry

    We will need some details of the project you are looking to do. In your email, please tell us who is your target market, budget restrictions and any other information that will help tell your story. Or call us directly and let's make something great!

  • Filmmaking

    Our Commitment

    In this day in age, media surrounds us for better or worse. Seal Media is committed to excellence through the lens, crafting stories for this era. So much goes into the filmmaking process. Like sculpting an image from a block of stone, the process of filmmaking requires acute attention to detail, the experience and knowledge of the craft and patience. Establishing a conceptual design is learning our clients' stories. We work as facilitators for our clients, creating their stories with our images.

    Live Chat Software
  • EUSD Professional Development Day. Teachers from across the district learn new integrated district technology.
    EUSD Health and Wellness Project. Students learn gardening, eating fruits and vegetables, yoga foundations.
    EUSD Health and Wellness Project. Students learn the benifits of eating various fruits and vegetables.
    EUSD iPad Acedemy Workshop. District implements iPad as an advanced teaching instrument for students.

    School Stories Production Reel from Seal Media on Vimeo.

    BrandingMasterWithGraphicsFinal from Seal Media on Vimeo.

    Encintas Union School District-2012 from Seal Media on Vimeo.

    InTheGardenDiscussionMaster from Seal Media on Vimeo.

    EUSD.Yoga.BldgBckrnd from Seal Media on Vimeo.

    IPadAcademyEUSD2011 from Seal Media on Vimeo.




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