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Creative, Engaging Media

   We cover all phases of production-Writing concepts and Development, Pre-Production, Production, then off to Post-Production to edit the finished master project.  From a company branding video, capturing a testimonial for a product you are testing, or need a commercial for television,  we able to create the most dynamic and engaging media for all types of industries- all under one house.

  We stay updated with technology and all the computer savvy ways, but it is really our craft to storytelling that sets us apart.  We always look for the core of the message in the project and drive it home.    

  What’s more important is the trust you have with us and the relationship will build to create the very best, thought provoking projects we can.  You are in good hands. We will take the message you want to convey, and through our lens, we will accomplish more than you could imagine.  

Creative Network

  Seal Media was created in 2007 and has built a network of creative collaborators ranging from: directors, writers, music composers, photographers, editors and animators.  We have built a long lasting trust with our collaborators and clients through the years.  We have so much to be thankful for.

We keep the overhead low so we can focus on creating and maximizing the value of our services.  Seal Media's body of work exemplifies the craft of creative productions.  Visions crafted...Telling stories with picture and sound. 


Featured Projects


Anderson you are fantastic to work with - so easy and patient. I love your professionalism and the care that goes into each and every shot. Your willingness to have all of us giving you input and your determined resolve to get it right are truly appreciated.

I've had the pleasure to work with Anderson & Seam Media on several projects. He is incredibly talented with his ability to tell stories through film. Whether you are a doctor's office, lawyer or any other business area you will be in good hands with Anderson Seal.

Love Love Love this.  You did an amazing job.  Thank you very much! Again, so impressive!!

Joni, LightStim

Thomas, Wallin Law Firm 

Jennifer, Relining Tech 


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