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National Geographic Best Wildlife Photography 2019 Winners

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

What a year in photography. These are some of the amazing photos that were awarded prizes for best wildlife photography by National Geographic. From a picture of an eagle soaring above the clouds that took 3 years for the photographer, Audun Rikardsen, to capture, a shelter of nomadic army ants in Costa Rica to a stunning aerial of a herd of Chiru antelope on a Chinese snow covered slope.

Dedicated to the Craft

These are all such stunning images on their own. It takes great lengths and dedication to capture these moments. There is still so much to learn about animals, their intelligence and what they could actually teach us from their habits.

This list of photographers have developed such a love and appreciation for these habitats and they are able to capture a moment in time that may seem foreign to us in our daily lives, but they can have so much impact on how we conduct our lives. The way wildlife photographers are able to capture their subjects is a pure, non obstructive way that can be felt in the images.

I appreciate everything that goes into these photos. Without these photographers, what imagery of nature would we seen in our concrete jungle? We are able to be transported to natures' playground and we are able to experience it in all its glory.

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