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There are certain films that you can see at any hour of the day, almost any mood and just timeless to the core. One of those films for me is The Godfather, Pt I, in particulary but they all have this grace and tone only delivered by the greatest heavyweights of cinema, Mr. Francis Ford Coppola.

He is back at the helm directing since after an 8 year haitus and has signed with the biggest agency on the planet, CAA.

Coppola's work had a lot to do with why I wanted to pursue film and tell stories. He not only directed The Godfather but also had his hand in The Conversation, Apocalypse Now, Black Stallion and one my favorite documentaries of all time, Koyaanisqatsi. His legendary power really was from how well The Godfather was received, and still is for good reason. The tone, the cinematography, the acting and the characters, and how you really cared about their motives- even if they were gangsters. My favorite scene in Godfather II, when he passes away playing in the garden with his grandson. There is so much depth and irony in that scene, as he lived a fast dangerous life but in all that chaos, he laid his head down in the garden, quiet and peaceful with the people he loved around. No better way to go out. Thank you, Mr. Coppola for your inspiration, for you heart and courage to get out there and create a masterpiece. The 6 time academy awards and 14 nominated writer, producer and director will be set to direct Megalopolis with Jude Law attached and an American Zoetrope production.



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